CAS CS 132
Geometric Algorithms
Boston University
Fall 2023

This course is an introduction to linear algebra with a bent towards applications in computer science. One of its primary goals is to prepare students for courses in the CS cirriculum at BU which require some degree of linear algebra. It is based on (and depends heavily on the material of) the version of the course taught by Mark Crovella.




Date Topic Assignments
09-05 Linear Equations read course policies
09-07 Numerics HW01 assigned
09-11 W02 Discussion  
09-12 Gaussian Elimination  
09-14 Vector Equations HW01 due, HW02 assigned
09-18 W03 Discussion  
09-19 Matrix-Vector Equations  
09-21 Linear Independence HW02 due, HW03 assigned
09-25 W04 Discussion  
09-26 Linear Transformations  
09-28 Matrices of Linear Transformations HW03 due, HW04 assigned
10-02 W05 Discussion  
10-03 Matrix Algebra  
10-05 Matrix Inverse HW04 due
10-10 W06 Discussion (Substitute Monday)  
10-12 MIDTERM HW05 assigned
10-16 W07 Discussion  
10-17 Invertible Matrix Theorem  
10-19 Markov Chains HW05 due, HW06 assigned
10-23 W08 Discussion  
10-24 Matrix Factorization  
10-26 Computer Graphics HW06 due, HW07 assigned
10-30 W09 Discussion  
10-31 Subspaces  
11-02 Dimension and Rank HW07 due, HW08 assigned
11-06 W10 Discussion  
11-07 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors  
11-09 The Characteristic Equation HW08 due, HW09 assigned
11-13 W11 Discussion  
11-14 Diagonalization  
11-16 PageRank HW09 due, HW10 assigned
11-20 W12 Discussion  
11-21 Orthogonality  
11-23 Thanksgiving  
11-27 W13 Discusion  
11-28 Orthogonal Sets and Projections  
11-30 Least Squares HW10 due, HW11 assigned
12-04 W14 Discussion  
12-05 Linear Models  
12-07 Symmetric Matrices HW11 due, HW12 assigned
12-11 W15 Discussion  
12-12 Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) HW12 due
12-21 FINAL EXAM (12/21 6-8PM, CAS B12, HAR 105)  


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